Subject: Re: ZINE Re: Three questions (Concerts in Paris)
Hi Helio- re: your post:

Has anyone attended one of the performances by the Orchestra Les Violons de France? They play in churches in Paris and the ticket price is 23 Euros. What is their reputation? Is it worth it the price?

I don't know about this particular orchestra, but when we were in Paris for a week in December 2001, we went to concerts practically every night. We found some things that we were looking for on the Net; then, we checked in Paris in the little booklets (sold in the tabac's on the street where they sell newspapers, cigarettes, etc) called Pariscope and the other booklet is called Cadences. We were very pleased with all of the concerts whether they were in the grand halls or in the tiny churches of Paris!!!

I posted a travelogue of our trip, but I've pasted the music portion of the travelogue for you below. I hope this is useful.

Music: We are music-goers and as such, we went to three wonderful concerts. We did not buy our tickets in the US, but did so easily in Paris. To buy tickets, you can do so at FNAC - which sells recordings too, but sells tickets up until, I think a day or two before each performance (Their website: - We called and got tickets for each of the performances we wanted. To find out what's doing for nightlife in Paris, you can buy - small paper magazines - at any Tabac stand all over the City. They are about the same size as the TV Guides in America. One is called Pariscope and the other is l'officiel des spectacles. They list practically everything and they are easy to understand - They cover theatre, concerts, expositions, opera with all pertinent details for a week.

Also, when we went to our first performance, we were given a hand-out called Cadences - This covers a month of classical music and opera - It also covers the tiny concerts in the churches around Paris - It gives phone numbers and prices, too. Unhappily, were unable to find a website or contact for this handout -- This was very comprehensive!!!

Have a great trip. Regards, Susie Newton, MA