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[Forwarded by Moderator- Welcome Susan]


Despite my screen name, I'm Susan, and I love to travel. Too bad things like work and making money get in the way of that :).

My son (now a college freshman) have traveled quite a lot together over the years, first exploring this continent, and in more recent years, branching out to the north Atlantic. As I'm a teacher, we've had time, but mostly travel on a pretty tight budget. Over the years, we've driven the US east to west, Canada on the trans-Canadian highway from Niagara Falls to Jasper, an educational cruise to Alaska, three fabulous weeks in Iceland, hiking for ten days in the Scottish Highlands, and, this past summer, a wonderful month hiking and visiting historical sights in Ireland. Already we are thinking of an inn-to-inn hike along Hadrian's wall for next summer if all goes well.

I'm also interested in writing, and I enjoy writing about my travels. I Love to read about other people's travels as well. There are so many ways and places to travel that I realize I could spend the rest of my life doing this.

I'm hoping to find kindred spirits on these boards.