Subject: Re:Travel to Iceland
Hi, Helen,

My son and I spent a marvelous three weeks in iceland in the summer of 2000 - absolutely loved the incredible beauty of the country. Reykjavik only tells a very small part of the story. Probably our favorite place was Akureyri in the north where it is possible to get to two of the national parks, Myvatn and Jokullsa a Follum (spelling may be a bit off). Also, from the Akureyri area, which is a town of about 15,000, so has a good variety of services, you can get a ferry to the lovely island of Grimsey inside the arctic Circle which is a huge bird breeding area where you can see millions of puffins and other rather rare birds. You have to watch your head if you are there in the Arctic Tern breeding season as they dive-bomb and peck your head (the kids there wear bike helmets to go outside to play!), but an umbrella or stick does just as well. The ferry ride is long, but we saw whales both coming and going, so it was worth the time.

We also loved the little village of Vik in the south. If I were to go again, I might stay at the hotel at Thingvellir which is only a few hours from Reykjavik. A good alternative to Reykjavik is the nice town of Hafnafjordur nearby. It seemed a bit more friendly to us than Reykjavik.

Have fun planning the trip - there are many tour operators who will happily take your parents where they want to go.

hope this helps, Susan