Subject: RE: ZINE buying airline tickets online

Don't confuse seats &seat assignments, which are two different things.

Airlines say that your ticket is a legal contract to provide you a seat on the flights on your ticket, not which seats. Travelers, however, want to have seat assignments, specific seats.

Reconfirming seat assignments is a good idea if you've done your reservations yourself. Some consolidators offer very inexpensive fares which do not permit seat assignments in advance or mileage credit. Always ask when booking. Some consolidators also do not make seat assignments even when the fare permits. Again, always ask. When booked through a travel agent, your reservations should include seat assignments when allowed by the fare.

Overbooking is nasty, but when one-way tickets cost more than roundtrips, some wily travelers purchase rt tix &don't use the return. Airlines therefore never know how many passengers to expect (I can figure that one out: adjust the fares to some sane scheme!!) &overbook. The latest rules on losing non-refundable ticket value if you don't show up for a flight are a silly bandaid on the situation.

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