Subject: RE: ZINE Fly to Rome or Florence??

I've found Florence fares about the same as Rome or Milan from the west coast, but you're right: much more limited schedules.

Unless I were planning to visit Rome, I'd choose Florence any day, but that's just my preference. I love the little airport there, so easy to zoom right out into the countryside. I never plan to drive more than 2 hours after stumbling off an international flight from our coast, though.

Lufthansa has fares with many consolidators; the routing is San Francisco or LAX / Munich or Frankfurt / Florence. Most west coast carriers will tack on a segment to Florence from their transatlantic service point in Europe for less that $50. Some folks actually like the change in the US (Chicago or Dulles) to break up the journey, but it adds travel time. Nonstop flights to Europe from the west coast use a modified polar route.

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