Subject: Re: Fly to Rome or Florence??
Paul, as you have discovered, there are many more flight options from the US into Rome than into Florence. It is similar to the difference between flying into San Francisco or Sacramento, for example, but with the typically European advantage that Florence is an easily manageable and enjoyable train ride away from Rome (1:35 hours). The second preferred entry airport is Milan (2:47 hours from Florence by express train). Sometimes, the Milan air fare sales beat the going rate to Rome--just compare prices and schedules. And yes, if it were me, I'd certainly spend a day or two in my arrival city to recover from jet lag and enjoy the added bonus of time to discover that city.

For checking your train connection options, go to For more info on Italian rail ticketing, search the archives here-- there's been a lot of discussion recently and in the past. In fact, the archives are full of discussion about Italy. Italy is a favorite destination of Ziners, and we are fortunate to have some very helpful Italian Ziners, as well.

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