Subject: Acts of Kindness
Megan, sharing acts of kindness we've experiencd is a great idea. The following is not my story, but it made a big impression on me, and I'd like to share it with other Ziners. Sept. 11, 2001, 44 planes were diverted to Halifax Airport, the passengers only knowing bits of information about what had happened. One planeload sat on the tarmac for 7 hours, little knowing of the extraordinary efforts Halifax was putting in place to receive them.

When they deplaned, volunteers were waiting at the stairs with a blanket and bottled water for each passenger, waiting busses took them into the terminal. At every turn volunteers greeted them with a smile. They were taken to a shelter on a college campus. Hot food was already prepared - burgers donated by McDonalds, pizza from Pizza Hut, etc. Each day brought more meals at no cost. Tumbling mats became mattresses. All telephones in the building were offered to place unlimited free calls anywhere in the world. Nurses checked each person to help with medicines, blood pressures, and a local pharmacy donated necessary meds. Young people from Halifax came next morning to set up a day care and recreation for the children.

People from the community opened their homes. Pastors from all faiths came, church services with arrranged, an Alitalia passenger who spoke no English had his violen with him and gave violin concerts. After 2 days they learned that all planes had to return to their point of orign but not once was a voice raised in anger or frustration. For just a few days these passengers were a tiny United Nations in harmony. Amazing, this kindness Halifax showed to strangers.