Subject: Paris in June

My husband and I are going to be attending a family wedding in Chantilly outside Paris on June 28th. Should I start booking things now, or wait until the spring? I think that is probably high season, so I don't want to wait too long but I want to hold off a bit to figure out how long we can stay in France!

We're hoping for 2 weeks. I'd also love any suggestions of how to spend that 2 weeks! We'll have to be in Chantilly for probably Thursday-Sunday, but I'm hoping to have time either before or after, or both to travel. My husband has never been to Paris so we'll want to spend some time there. I'm not sure how far it is from Chantilly...perhaps it is close enough to stay in Paris and just take a train to the wedding &festivities?

We'd love to go to another part of France...maye Provence? Eating and drinking wine are favorite past-times, along with art and hiking/walking.

All suggestions welcome and appreciated!

Natalie in Los Angeles