Subject: Re: ZINE Random Acts of Kindness
Hi Megan So many times, in the news be it TV, Newspaper or even Email, we hear about the bad but never about the good.

A couple of years ago, I went by myself to Tenerife, Spain in the Canary Islands and spent two weeks. For different reasons my children could not go. It was an adventure but I realized at times that I would be lonely. I researched the Internet on different places to see and things to do. And on one of the these adventures ran into an American family on holiday from Paris. In fact, there were the only Americans that I saw during the whole trip. Everybody else was surprised that a American woman would be so far away by herself.

The grandparents were taking their children (my age) and the grandkids for a holiday. Bless their heart for taking me under their wing for a day or two. Invited me to dinner and paid for it. We chatted and visited and I had the best time.


Tracie Seattle