Subject: Re: Vietnam travels
Hi Bob, (catching up here...) Re. other places to go in Vietnam:

We found Hue and Hoi An to be fascinating and delightful places to visit. Both are near Denang (which, IMHO, isn't worth spending any time in) and we flew there from Hanoi and caught a bus from the airport and between the towns.

Hue is a former imperial capital (last dynasty # 19th C) and the remains of The Citadel (a huge walled fort), bombed in 1968, are haunting. There's also a wonderful network of old tombs and temples along the Perfume River that you can visit by boat and some walking. Some of them are incredibly well preserved.

Hoi An is a lovely, almost untouched by the wars. The locals have done a great job of preserving (essentially) the whole city # each owner takes pride in his own property and it is sort of a model village. Quite a few families have opened their homes for tourists to see the architecture and get a feel for history, there are many temples and other attractions. There are lots of small, reasonably priced, hotels.

This is also a place to get tailoring done # a huge indoor market houses hundreds of tailors who will make up something for you overnight (at ridiculous prices - $30CAD for a suit!!). Quality is variable, though .

Hoi An has good tourist information and a map of the highlights is readily available on arrival. We hired a bike and had a great time peddling around the town and nearby fields.

Have a great trip!

Cheers from your neighbour to the south! Judy in Hong Kong

ps. hope you enjoy the Desyloia.