Subject: re: Random Acts of Kindness (longish)

Great thread! I had an incredible experience in Rome. My husband and I arrived late on a Saturday afternoon with no reservations. Called all the places in the books we had and there was nothing. The Hotel Aberdeen had a room but it was being held for someone until 8pm. The woman (Sabrina) offered to let us drop our bags there, enjoy Rome and if the people didn't check in we could have the room. It seemed so tentative that we took a room that the housing window gave us but it was in a really bad part of town (according to all the books) and we could tell just from the people on the streets. When we went up to the room, it was horrible and we just left.

So we decided to take Sabrina up on her offer, and see if the room was available. When we got there, she immediately knew who we were but was so sorry, the people had checked in. We were so disappointed, and didn't know what to do so she made some calls and found us a room at a hotel nearby. It was a small room, and they only had it for one night but we could have it. Then, she said, we could bring our bags to her hotel the next morning and leave them there while we walked around Rome and looked for another place.

We went to the new hotel, happy to at least have a place to sleep and trying to think of what to do for the next night. Maybe we would just have to leave Rome a day early. We got into the room, and our phone rang! It was Sabrina, who had a cancellation for Sunday night and did we want the room. Of course we did! We booked it, and went and had a relaxing fun Saturday night in Rome. Sunday morning we moved, and she already had the room cleaned for us (it was only 9am) and let us check in and gave us breakfast!

Sabrina was so amazing, and made our visit to Rome so memorable. We gave her a bouquet of flowers when we checked out.