Subject: Re: ZINE Random Acts of Kindness
Great thread Megan.

In my 30 plus years of traveling in Mexico I've encountered numerous such acts. The Mexican people are extremely warm and endearing. An example of this happened the last time we visited Quintana Roo. A couple of the women in our group decided they would take two kayaks from our beachhouse in Tankah and paddle south approximately 3 miles to the ruins at Tulum. They left early in the morning and, in fact, beached the kayaks at the ruins just about two hours later. My wife, myself and another friend were visiting the ruins at the time and followed the ladies' progress to the beach with our binoculars. After we congratulated them on their paddle they told us they were going to continue down the coast a short ways to visit a beach of which one had fond memories. We separated, wishing them good luck. At the time I told my companions that the next time we saw the paddlers they'd be pulling up to the house having hitched a ride for themselves and their kayaks on a truck. The thought of them paddling over three miles back up the coast against the currents and the wind was inconcievable.

Late in the afternoon I was feeling pretty confidant that my prediction would ring true. Then we noticed two small specks beyond the reef and to the south. Grabbing the binoculars we confirmed our friends were indeed returning by water. But each of them were accompanied by a young Mexican man who was paddling full out against the current and wind. As it turned out the ladies realized they would need help to make it back up the coast. They put in to shore where two young men were fishing with a simple line and hook. The ladies explained their predicament and the two young men, albeit somewhat shyly, gladly accepted the challenge of returning the women back to their home.

I never doubted the ladies would make it back. One is fluent in Spanish and quite ingratiating. But I never expected to see them return by sea. Those two young men really undertook a difficult physical challenge. They were greatly rewarded spending the remainder of the evening imbibing our margaritas, cervezas, and partaking of our feast of tortilla soup and fresh grilled pargo.

As they say down south: Como Mexico no hay dos!

John in San Diego