Subject: Paris in June and Chantilly

June is almost high season in France, but according to my experience two or three months in advance are ok for booking any accomodation, unless it's so exclusive you need to do earlier. After all Paris has the widest range of hotels you can ever dream about. According to my Michelin guide, Chantilly is about 40 km from Paris and the train leaves from Gare du Nord. I have been there last July and the town itself didn't impress me, while the Chateau and the park are wonderful and worth a visit. There are some hotels listed in the guide too, but maybe you prefer to stay in Paris and commute. The Chateau can be visited in about half a day, so you don't need an overnight stay for it. Provence? Very nice but too far; the area around Paris (Ile de France) offer great places to relax, eat and drink. Normandy and Champagne are also closer.

Paolo Trieste, Italy