Subject: re: London tips

I love the pomp and circumstance of royal London. So I was thrilled to attend the ceremony where they lock up the Tower of London for the evening (called the Ceremony of the Keys). It might sound boring but I thought it was fun. It was also a little spooky to be within the Tower walls after dark.

I have included a brief description below of how to get FREE tickets since I thought you and your family might like it also.

Dating back to the 1300s, this is the nightly locking-up ceremony of the Tower of London by the Chief Yeoman Warder. It takes place every evening from 9:35pm to 10:05pm. After each of the Tower gates has been locked, the Last Post is sounded and the keys are secured in the Queen+IBk-s House. You can apply in writing for a free pass, from:

The Ceremony of the Keys Waterloo Block, HM Tower of London London EC3N 4AB UK

Write at least eight weeks in advance of your trip, and include the following information:

Your name, address and, if available, contact address and telephone number in London Names and addresses of other attendees, with ages of anyone under 18 years The date you wish to attend plus 2 alternative dates Number of tickets required (max 7 per applicant)

Enclose a self-addressed envelope and an International Reply Coupon (this is available from your local Post Office in lieu of stamps).

Mark Los Angeles