Subject: Economical B&Bīs in London
Hi Paolo, a couple of years ago I went to London to meet my irish friends for a weekend. We were going to stay at a convent near Westminster Cathedral (the catholic one), but they were full for the friday night. We stayed that night at a small B&B near Victoria Station that have been recommended by some other friends. The name and address are : Enrico 77-79 Warwick Way Victoria Greater London London, Great Britain SW1V 1QP

It was fairly simple. Some of the rooms had showers inside, but all the toilets were on the walkways. It was spotless clean, and the full english breakfast was very good.

That street was full of small B&B, and it is not so far away from the Tube. It can be a good idea to stay there (just in case there is another Tube strike, you never know ...)

Regards, Covadonga Regil Bilbao - Spain