Subject: Re: Mt-Tremblant on a September day
Hi Kerem,

If you only have a weekend in Montreal, no, it is not worth it. However, Mont Tremblant resort is picturesque in a Disney way and there are many small towns, valleys and mountains worth seeing. I doubt if the colours have started to change yet - someone in Montreal or Ottawa (Helen?) might have a better idea.

My sisters and I have a weekend away in the Laurentians every year and enjoy the wonderful resorts and restaurants as well as the opportunity to wander the shops of small towns!

But there is lots to do in Montreal. I really liked the Pointe a Cailliere museum - very well done urban archeology museum in Old Montreal. If you want parks, how about Mont Royal or Lafontaine Park or Ile Ste Helene?

Frances Toronto, Canada (native Montrealer!)