Subject: Re: ZINE From Turkey to Greece
Hi JoAnne,

We were in Turkey and Greece in May. We flew from Istanbul to Cappadocia and then travelled back to Selcuk (where the ruins of Ephesus are located) and on to Kusadasi. Ephesus was well worth the visit, and we actually liked Selcuk more than Kusadasi. It's only a 15-20 minute ride from one to the other, so you could stay in either place and get to the ruins easily. I think getting from Istanbul to Kusadasi would be a bit of a trip. Looks like the bus ride would be about 10 hours, and I don't know what stops and transfers might be necessary. But a young man would survive a 10 hour bus ride in better form than my husband and I survived our 15.5 hour ride from Cappadocia...

The crossing from Kusadasi to Samos, Greece is easy and quick--about an hour on the ferry. We've never stayed long on Samos, though I'm sure it's nice. I would recommend Chios, another island in the same group. Our experience of the Greek islands in Sept and Oct is that they have less and less tourists every day and more restaurants and places to stay close every day. I would not advise going to an island that is billed as untouristed at this time, simply because I think it would be hard to get food and a bed, while the more touristed places are really quite quiet now. That said, I will make the comment that the Greek people are kind and would make sure that a tourist is billeted and fed, no matter what. I have friends who went to some small villages in Crete several years ago, in early April, and discovered that not much was open there. However, someone always took care of them and found them a room and some food.

Hope your son has a great trip! Collette Saunders Halifax, Nova Scotia