Subject: Digital Advice - help I don't know how this works...
Hello group - my wife and I are less than two weeks away from the start of our 10 month RTW trip through Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. All the big stuff back home has been completed (shots, visa, house rented, cat with friends, etc). One of our main concerns before we head out is being able to download our digital photos.

We have a Kodak DC215 (basic 2x digital for point&shoots) with two extra 128mb Compact Flash cards. We've got AA battery recharger and enough batteries to be charging and using the camera at same time (4 in battery, 4 in charger). We've got the isp port cable and the CD- rom disk that we downloaded software on our personal computer at home. Now the key information - we're riding the technological short- bus (ie - we can follow clear directions, but we're basically idiots when it comes to anything higher-tech than turning something on and off)

So - since we won't be bringing a laptop - How can we get the photos from the compact flash cards (about size of large postage stamp) onto a CD, on-line, web-site, etc. Do I have to load software onto an internet cafe's PC to do this? Can I just go to a business center and hand them our flash card and they can burn our images onto a CD? I've set up a simple group website on Yahoo - What is the best way to put photos from the road onto this site? Does anyone have the rough cost to burn a CD from our flash card in Beijing? Hanoi? Bangkok? Cairo? J/Burg? Our recharger works here inthe US on a 110v - what is the name of the device we need to be able to plug this into a Asian, African or European plug? We've also got a manual camera so everything isn't resting on digital - should we have film developed in source country then send photos &negatives back home or should be just send the undeveloped film canister back for developing?

Thanks in advance for any responses, Karl