Subject: Re: ZINE Medicines and other stuff - Italy ??????
Hello Fernando

Insuline can be bought at any pharmacy but I'm not sure if you need prescription. I'd say no but if you like I can ask.

Many battery chargers work with double voltage. check the label on it for the sign 110-240 V; otherwise you need to buy a transformer as no Italian wall outlet can supply 120 V. Remember also the plugs are different! If you check the Zine archives, you'll find many discussions about this issue.

How many tapes to carry? If you take ten of them Customs will believe they are for personal use, but if you take 100 ... ; in any case you can find the tapes here in any video shop if you run out of them. I'd say the only thing hard to find in Italy is brownies :-)

Bye all

Paolo Trieste, Italy