Subject: Re: Left-side drive in England
Hi Wil! I had my first experience with driving in the UK last July. Though I had a bit of apprehension at first, it proved to be much ado about not very much. A few suggestions are in order, however. To help keep your attention on the road, get an automatic. Don't add manual shifting to your task. Also, if at all possible, begin with the motorways. Driving there is simplicity itself. Later on, you can tackle the smaller roads. The only problem I had was dealing with the tiny country road where there are stone walls instead of shoulders and rarely enough room for both you and the bus coming in the opposite direction. Be prepared to brake and allow the other guy to pass. Having had my first taste of UK driving, I can't wait to get back and do more. One more item: If anything, I would think that having left side drive might make the transition easier. You retain a sense of the vehicle's size and have no adjustments to make for the mirrors or any other controls. I expect it would be an advantage.

Regards, Russell from Connecticut