Subject: Re: ZINE Driving from Barcelona to Madrid/ Madrid info
Hi Evan, the usual route to travel from Barcelona to Madrid is the N-II. If you check with it will say that it is a 5-hour drive (maybe we are supposed to drive faster than the french people :)) ). Part of the way is a toll-road. If you decide to stay on the N-II, two interesting places are Lerida-Lleida and Zaragoza. Lerida has an interesting cathedral, with an open cloister over the old town, and in Zaragoza you will find the Pilar Church, the church dedicated to the virgin patron of Spain.

You might want to go to Sigenza before arriving to Madrid, but that will depend on the weather and the time of the day, I think.

I think that Graciela has driven from Madrid to Barcelona previously, and I remember recommending to visit Albarracin, in the Teruel province, but I don´t think that, although beautiful, it will be a good idea to go over there with a young child.

And now, things to do with a two-year old in Madrid. If the weather is fine, he will enjoy the Parque del Retiro, with lots of trees, the lake and the small boats. You might want to try the Zoo (at least, when I was 4 year old and my brother was 2 year old we thought that it was great. There are even two Panda bears). The museums, specially the Thyssen-Bornemisza, have programs for young children, but they begin with 5 year-olds. There is a new Warner Park in the south of Madrid, in case your child prefers Bugs Bunny to Mickey Mouse.

And before I forget, get him a breakfast of chocolate and churros. If the chocolate is good, it will be thick and similar to Angelina´s. And the churros are fatty (but so good with the chocolate ...)

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain