Subject: RE: ZINE Madrid info sought
Hi Evan... I haven't been to Madrid yet, but I've been doing some research, as my husband and I are planning a trip to Madrid and Barcelona in the spring. One thing that I would like to do in Madrid is go to one of the Flamenco cafés.... listen to Flamenco guitar and watch Flamenco dancing. Here's a site that might be helpful:

We definitely plan to go to the Prado Museum, in the Plaza Canovas del Castillo. Open Tuesday through Saturday 9-7; Sunday and holidays 9-2, closed Monday.

After looking at the web cam of the Plaza Mayor, the main square near the Royal Palace, I'd like to check that out. The Plaza Mayor is a square surrounded by early 17th century buildings where musical and other events are held. It seems like something's always going on there :-) Here's a website with a webcam of The Plaza Mayor and lots of information on Madrid:

Here's a website for exploring Madrid:

Sandy in Illinois