Subject: Insuline in Italy
Hi Fernando, I'm an italian doctor, and a Ziner. Insuline types now on sale in Italy are standardized. A couple of years ago we had a switch from 40 U.I / ml to 100 U.I / ml. That is, the number of units in a single milliliter was raised from 40 to 100, as in most countries. I'm pretty sure that every kind of insulin that is in use in the U.S. is also available here.If you send me a scanned copy or a description of your insulin name on the package, I can be more more precise.

Yes, you'll need a prescription, but any pharmacist would accept a prescription of your doctor at home, provided it is written in clear writing with your name and adress on it. Also, any general practitioner in Italy can find a brand name and type of insulin that is exactly equivalent to yours and write down a prescription for you. And he, or any pharmacist can check your blood glucose level. Don't hesitate to contact me for any further question.