Subject: Re: Left-side drive in England
Hallo Wil,

I would have thought that driving a left-hand-drive vehicle in England would be very dangerous. Especially on the country roads. When passing another vehicle you (the driver) will not be able to see beyond the vehicle in front of you until most of your car is already in the opposing traffic lane. Before you see them someone could have collided with you. I would recommend you take two separate cars, one on the mainland of Europe (where you will have no problem - I assume you are from USA) and the other in England. The costs should not be too much more this way as both rentals will be for a relatively long period. I am from Australia and we drive on the left the same as in England. We have been to mainland Europe and England several times but I would not dream about taking a left-hand-drive vehicle from France to England, nor a right-hand-drive vehicle from England to mainland Europe. I also do not have a great problem adjusting to the right hand side of the road. This would be a similar problem to yours - but only in reverse. The main reason for this is that as driver with the correct car you will always sit near the centre of the road. Hope you make a decision which makes you comfortable when driving.