Subject: Re: help with Frankfurt trip
Hi Jeanie, the most obvious concentration camp that comes to mind while in Germany is Dachau, probably because it is near from Munich and easy to reach. Check this :

Near Berlin (I donīt know if it will qualify for you as a concentration camp, because it was created after the 2nd World War by the communists) you can find Hohensch#nhausen. I visited this year the Stasi Museum located in Normannenstr, and it is an interesting and unknown view into the life and tribulations of the ordinary people across the Iron Curtain. Check their website :

BTW, Berlin could be a good option for you and your children. Alive, full of history and art. Think about it.

I donīt know if you are planning to travel to Eastern Europe. If so, you could think about visiting Krakow in Poland. Auschwitz is nearby, and the town itself is a real gem.

Good luck, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain