Subject: Re: ZINE Trains in Portugal and Spain
Dear JoAnne,

Salema is a really great fishing village... very small &picturesque fishing. Lots of young people &cheap places to stay. I stayed at the Pousada in Sagres which is several miles away but I went to Salema &the beach is beautiful &the fishing boats come right up on the beach which is attached to the one main parking area in the village. There's a restaurant right on the beach. There are buses which go all over Portugal but the train routes are less frequent. I don't think you can take a train from the Algarve across the border to Spain in S. Portugal but I'm sure buses do have scheds. Lagos is a much bigger city, full of lots &lots of apartment hotels &lots of older tourists. Quite congested.

I think Rick Steves has info on buses &accommodations for Salema.

Carol Bailey Madras, OR high desert country....scraped ice this am!