Subject: Australia at Easter (was Travels in Australia)
Greetings Ziners, Easter (linked with school holidays) is one of the many times each year that Aussies travel, anywhere and everywhere. Airlines are booked out, roads are very busy, rail and bus loadings are also at a max! Qantas and Virgin Blue are our existing domestic airlines both accessible on line, in fact Virgin does all or most bookings online and therefore is able to offer very low fares. However by next year we may have another domestic carrier, so this could change seat availability! Weather will probably be hot especially in Cairns. Hire of a car or RV was suggested (book early) our roads are good from Sydney to Brisbane, would suggest the coast road, accommodation will be a challenge (Easter). The total distance Sydney to Cairns by road is almost 2900 km.You will be sharing the road with a lot of huge trucks, many with 2 trailers as well as the mass of holiday cars and vans. As several members have suggested there are some beautiful places to see on this part of the journey. Allow several days for this part, then fly Brisbane to Cairns, suggest you bookmark Virgin Blue and watch them. This is a huge and unforgiving country for the unprepared. Road distances are beyond comprehension for visitors from Europe or North America. You can drive for hours and hours with very little sign of habitation and the unfamiliar and generally unchanging landscape plays havoc with concentration thus contributing to accidents, and this is just for Aussies driving, visitors can find it more of a challenge. Suggestions. Try and move land content of your trip away from Easter weekend, either way. Don't attempt to drive the whole way, flying gets you there quicker, however if you go home after seeing only Sydney and Cairns you will miss a lot of what this country has to offer. Check airfares and deals on the net regularly. The road journey from Syd to Bne will lead you to many wonderful places, whereas Bne to Cns is bush for many hours between towns and you don't go near the ocean for most of the trip. Margot from the Gold Coast ( actually her husband John) Australia