Subject: Discount Airfares - Have you ever really got one?
Hi Ziners,

The Fall colors in the Pacific Northwest are starting to look good. If your area of the world doesn't have them this year, come by and visit us in the next two weeks. :)

I have been skimming about the internet looking for discount flights to Europe. I find I get messages from the big Internet travel sites telling me about NY-Paris for $398 on XYZ airlines, but when I acutally click on the fare to get details, or go to the airline website, no such fare is in sight. Usually, the $398 fare is actually $574 or some such increase.

Have you actually managed to get a flight at these fares? If so, what drawbacks, if any did the flights have? Were they good on most of the flights, most days of the week? Or limited to certain flights on certain days of the week? Any other drawbacks to these fares?

Thanks, Raul Lithgo Seattle, WA (Where the rainy season has started!)