Subject: CIVIL WAR USA travellers
hello all, i'm a 34 yr old american, living in new york state who is interested in heading (by car) south/southwest on a CIVIL WAR historical site tour, probably in dec or jan---i like snow.

i wonder if any here have extensive experience amongst such sites in the American south? or who, might be interested in chatting about it......or even possibly visiting some sites together. of course 20-30s age would be a plus for the latter, but i welcome any with advice to respond. Thanks, Brian

ps: having visited spain, portugal, ireland, UK, hungary, france....even turkey.....i'm looking for a new trip for late january or next summer. but I like to do theme trips, ala amsterdam to moscow, the perimeter of spain by car, etc....such i have done, but i'm looking for new ideas? anyone adventurous? who travels out of the ordinary? who has an ideas on historical/cultural/artistic/architecturally geared travel tours? i don't go on sponsored tours by the way. i like to travel independently or with one or two good-natured/thinking travellers. I welcome words/advice/etc from any such people wherever u may be on our planet.