Subject: CIVIL WAR USA travellers
I am a Civil War buff have toured a great many of the Civil War sites from Wilson's Creek to Gettysburg to Vicksburg etc. In some cases I have done this a part of tour with some of the best historians as guides, in others just my wife and I did the tour. I do not know your level of knowledge of the different battles but I can say the more you know of the battle the better you enjoy/appreciate the tour. Some of the larger sites offer guides that have been certified by the Park Service - highly recommend them. They can provide not only information on the battlefield but on the monuments, etc.

Some of the battlefields are in the middle of nowhere - Shiloh for example - but are worth the trip. I figure at least a full day to walk the battlefield, read the markers, and then go to some of the hidden places.

Be glad to continue this if you have any questions

Everett Spitzner