Subject: Re: New Trip Planning (Long)
Dear Ole and Maria,

Sorry not to respond sooner! Like Barbara, I have not taken your intended tour but I have taken the 21 days Best Of Europe I (June 2001).

I agree totally in that you will see more in that time than you could have on your own. I assume that that tour will also have plenty of spare seats on the bus for you to move around in. And all of the accommodation was fine - in Rome I shared a huge room with big ensuite; in Venice it was a 2 room suite; Cinque Terre (Vernazza) was the slightly problematic multi-share bathroom. The hotels are all fantastically located. But take his advice and pack light. While you will cover less distance I guess with your trip focusing on Italy, I was glad that I had packed economically in Vernazza! *Many* steps up to the accommodation and within the hotel up to the rooms in a narrow twirling staircase. (That being said, the room allocations there were very mindful of which legs might best navigate the most stairs!) And then again, a fair bit of walking to our hotel in Venice. Being able to put my pack on my back was handy up and down stairs. Wheeled luggage was a bit more cumbersome - but certainly not unmanageable.

And again as Barbara said, the picnic lunches were lovely. One was by a truck stop, but another was with a magnificant view from Orvieto! Make use of your spare time - while it is an organised tour, it's not too structured. So knowing all the things you want to see before you leave home means you can capitalise on your spare time. (Or just kick back and smell the coffee if you so desire). :) Megan Brisbane, Australia