Subject: Re-introduction
Dear Ziners,

Hello! I am an American living in Amsterdam. I had subscribed to TheTravelzine a few years ago and was mildly active for a while. I unsubscribed to concentrate on my thesis, which is now done, done, done! -- freedom, yay!

Let's see I am 29, female, and originally from NOVA as the suburbs of Washington DC on the Virginia side are called. A little over two years ago I moved to Amsterdam. I have not travelled very much in the US other than the East Coast, but I have visited many Civil War sites and even done two separate and very extensive one week tours with a professional historian about the Civil War (I saw there was a post about this). I've been all around Ireland and the Netherlands, parts of Italy (Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Rome), London, Paris, Luxembourg, Bavaria (Munich and Rothenburg o/t).

If any one has questions about the Netherlands or Virginia I'd be glad to help.

Erina Moriarty Amsterdam, The Netherlands