Subject: Re: Tours? Was Grand European Tours

For a first-time visitor, it's hard to imagine 2 folks could see a destination once-over-lightly for less money & hassle on their own than they could with a good-value, well-priced tour.

But it's not always just the money. Many travelers like the security, comraderie & ease of touring they get with a tour & will choose to go that way many times.

Others, after a first try, are excited about going on their own. Or will do a mix with a short tour, & time on their own before & after the planned part.

Me? Half the fun is going on the highwire without a safety net & besides, it takes more money for real hotels (as you get on tours) than hostels or off-beat accommodations. I guess we fall into the hardcore area of preferring our own planning, Graciella! Then I can choose how to spend my money: food? wine? funky experiences? hostels?

Gail In Eugene....