Subject: Re: Italy Guides

He's expensive, he's expansive, he's marvelous: Roberto Bechi, Tours by Roberto. He does small-group tours (minimum 2, max 7) around Siena, his birthplace. I first got to know him through an artist friend who had been on one of his intensive 2-week trips for painters. Since I've spent many days with Roberto & enjoyed every single one of them, learning more about Tuscany/La Crete in 8 hours with Roberto than in any number of hours with a guide book or doing it on my own. And Ziners know that I am not a tour person, by any definition! You may catch his Italy with Rick Steves program on public tv: last Sept Rick spent 2 weeks with Roberto & produced the video now being aired. I was scheduled to leave the US on Sept 13, hoping to be part of the tour group for the video, but alas, it was not meant to be.

His website:

He is married to the most delightful Virginian & has a precocious daughter about the age of my MPC (Most Precious Child, granddaughter Kylie).

I have no monetary relationship with Roberto, just an awestruck admiration.

Gail In Eugene but never for long