Subject: New Member in Oregon with question on Southern France, northern Italy, and Slovenia
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Dear Travelzine Moderator and members..

My wife and I have taken three trips to Europe recently returning from a month long visit to England. We happily used public transport for this trip and an earlier trip to Holland, Belguim and Germany. Two years ago we rented a car and travelled through northern France. We are both retired now and plan expend our now slightly limited discretionary income on travel...mostly in Europe although our homebase climate--Oregon-- makes Latin America seem an attractive place to visit in the winter.

We have adopted the Rick Steves approach for our three European trips: carrying about twenty pounds of luggage apiece in carry-ons and small, and staying in centrally located hotels and b and b's. This suits us nicely and works reasonably well with our budget.

Next trip: Southern France, northern Italy and Slovenia. Should we rent a car? How do we do this cheaply so we can go somewhere else next year?