Subject: Rome airport eating

Is there a comfortable place at Rome Fiumicino aiport where arriving passengers can have lunch, aside from the adjacent Hilton, which may be overpriced? I'm asking on behalf of people who will be arriving from the U.S. in the morning and catching the bus in the afternoon to stay in my family's house in Umbria. The bus is available either from the airport or Tiburtina station. I asked here over a year ago if Tiburtina had luggage storage facilities, and Giorgio called and found out they didn't. I don't have direct contact with these travelers, so I don't know how much time there is between the plane arrival and bus departure; I'm not sure if they would prefer to spend the day in the city but can't do it because they aren't sure they can store their luggage, or if being jet-lagged they would just as soon wait at the airport.

Andrew Missouri