Subject: Re: An Australian Odyssey
Hi Elma

Thanks for the great trip. Unlike most Australians, we have been fortunate to travel it's length and breadth. On most occasions however, it has beed tacked on to business trips, so nevfer enough time to absorbe.

After two very long holidays in Italy in the past two years, we have decided to take two, two week holidays at home next year. Italy brought it home to us that leisurely holidays reveal much more of a region than just passing through. We have decided to spend two weeks driving to Tasmania and back (putting the car on the new ferry from Melbourne to Tasmania). Appreciate any advise on special places to see in Tasmania.

Later in 2003, we plan on driving the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide and then return up the Murray River (via Mildura and Echuka). Irish friends drove this route last year, and said that the coast is just like Ireland Want to join us Marty?

Cheers Gavin Sydney, Australia