Subject: re: Sunday in Paris

I really enjoyed the organ concert at St. Sulpice in the 6th arr. The sound was wonderful and inspiring. My notes say that the concert begins after Sunday mass, around 11:30 am.

If you are into shopping for antiques or collectibles, the Marche aux Puces (aka Cligancourt) is an enormous array of temporary and permanent stalls in north Paris. Note that the market itself is beyond the vendors selling tacky and kitschy items that you will walk past as you exit the metro. Keep walking until you see the covered buildings (about 10-15 minutes from the metro).

If the weather is nice, you can also take a walk along the Promenade Plantie in the 11th arr. Take the metro to the Gare de Lyon and walk east along the Boulevard Daumesnil. The old railway trestles have been converted into shops and cafes below and a green, shrubby promenade above. Climb the steps. You can walk all the way to the Bois de Vincennes if you are so inclined.

Hope you have a great time!

Mark Los Angeles