Subject: Sunday in Paris
Hi, I guess there are thousands of different ideas, ...our last day in Paris this year happened to be a Sunday, it was a lovely May day, this is what we did and turned out fine

After breakfast at Les deux Magots, and mass in St Germaine, we took a bus to Place de la Bastille and we walked in the Promenade Plantee, interesting bird īs eye view of Paris, then walked into the Marais for lunch. By the way there were markets all over the Bastille area but we didnīt stop,

Had a good lunch at the Brasserie, Bar des Huitres near Place de Vosges (nice place full of locals)and then walked a little around had a coffee someplace and then spent the rest of the afternoon at St. Dennis (long metro ride but ok), took a tour in French of the Basilique, which was a little disappointing because the guide would talk and talk non stop about history standing in one spot, instead of walking us around the church, so after a while we left the group and visited on our own.

Had oranginas in the Cafe in front the Cathedral before and after the visit because it was so hot!--(-Then is when you realized how much you have been overcharged in best located places.)

Went back to the hotel, later on had a lovely light dinner at

Les Closerie de Lilas, a short bus drive from our hotel (Le Clement, in Rue Clement.) and then next morning, ....Au revoir Paris, a little sadness right?

Graziella....Miami Beach.