Subject: An Australian Odyssey
G'day Gavin, Our neighbors are early-retired Aussies who have also traveled the length and breadth of Australia. Marghe and I are not the caravan park types, but *wow* do Australian caravan parks have the real estate location or what? The vast majority of the sites we have seen (when visiting our traveling Aussie Mates) are all on the coast! And they stay in a site with its own facilities (hot water shower, toilet, etc.) and they pay the exorbitant fee of AUD$ 19! This is a not-so-subtle invitation to our fellow Ziners who like to do the camping trailer or motorhome type of traveling. Australia is so big and vast that most people thing they can see it in a couple of weeks. You can't even do that in Italy, so imagine how hard it would be in Australia, with a land mass as large as America. Gavin, will write separately on the invite on driving the Great Coast Highway together.

Happy traveling, Marghe and Marty in Coral Cove, on the Coral Coast.