Subject: Eurostar Train from Rome to Florence
Greetings Ziners!

For those wanting to enjoy the Fall colors in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest part of the USA I would not delay past this weekend.

Now to the question at hand. Assuming one travels to Italy during the 'peak' season, should one have reservations for the EuroStar train that travels between Rome and Florence? Or are there plenty of seats available?

We are planning to fly into Rome and take the train to Florence on the same day. Hopefully, we will arrive in Rome in the AM giving us plenty of time to make the trip and arrive in Florence in time to eat and relax for the day of travel. But, I am wondering if reservations are necessary for this train. Since one can never be sure when the airlines will arrive, what with all sorts of possible delays, I am not sure a reservation will work out. But, maybe I am to pessimistic.

Ciao! Paul