Subject: Re: An Australian Odyssey
Marghe and Marty wrote:

Marghe and I are not the caravan park types, but *wow* do Australian caravan parks have the real estate location or what? The vast majority of the sites we have seen (when visiting our traveling Aussie Mates) are all on the coast! And they stay in a site with its own facilities (hot water shower, toilet, etc.) and they pay the exorbitant fee of AUD$ 19!

Hi Marghe and Marty

Outrageous isn't it? We have a 40 foot van with alluminium annex. on a permanent site at Toowoon Bay. Basically a 2 bedroom cottage. We walk 50 metres to the top of the headland and then down on to a golden beach approx. 2 km long. It's 1 1/2 hours drive from home (in Sydney). Best in mid winter when there is hardly a soul to be seen, and it is invariably a clear blue sky and average daytime temps of 18 c (mid 60'sF). Life is tough in Oz. Cheers Gavin