Subject: Re: New Member in Oregon: France info
Hi John...from another Oregonian,

I don't know Orly airport as I've only traveled thro DeGaulle. I suspect you'll have to go into Paris & then take a train from there. I know you can go south from DeGaulle without going into Paris. Anyway, yes, you can pick up a car in Caen or as I did in the smaller town of Bayeux in Normandy. It's definitely a favorite area of mine. There are several car rental companies who have offices across the street from the Caen train station. In Bayeux you have to take a taxi from the train station to the Hertz office. I think it's the only car rental company in Bayeux.

Bayeaux's claim to fame is William the Conquer's tapestry which was made at the end of the 11th century & commemorates his great victory. Bayeaux is a charming little town in Normandy near the WW II beaches with a lovely Gothic cathedral & a couple great restaurants. If you like small towns it is a great get-away & a wonderful place to drive around. I speak no French but I had no trouble driving & eating & sightseeing in rural France. The definitive WW II museum is in Caen but there is a smaller one in Bayeux. Rick Steves' book on France has a really good section on this area as well as all of France.

Good Travels, Carol Bailey Madras, Oregon......coooooooold this am. about 23 degrees F.