Subject: Re: Greece advice
Hi Sally, When exactly is your trip? In case there is in the middle of winter, I don't recommend visit an island, except of the big ones (Crete, Rhodos, Corfu, Lesvos...). In the touristic smaller ones you can't find open hotels and restaurants, which normally close at the end of October.

But you can visit the mainland. Of course 3 weeks are not enough to see most of the country, you can only visit some places. If you come in the middle of winter, the day is small and the sun is shining until 17.00, so you have less time every day to visit outside places, like monument, archeological sites etc. Under normal conditions, you will not find much cold and snow, but I can't tell it for sure. Last year it was an extremely cold winter for us.

What are your interests? If you want to write me more on that you want to visit in Greece, I can recommend you an itinerary.

Best Regards from a fellow in Athens. Joanna