Subject: The requested timeline... (was: Marseille Get-together)
Hi Gail,

As our Air Canada flight approached Toronto this afternoon, we fondly recalled the highlights of our forty-day trip to Germany, Switzerland and France. Our first thoughts were of the wonderful Ziners and old friends we met along the way.

Johannes is not just a webmaster extraordinaire, he and his wife Sonja welcomed us in Germany and we lunched at their home in Haltern Am See.

Pierrette spent a couple of days with us in Berlin and we celebrated our 22-year friendship with Pierrette and Louis in Dresden, where we met Hubert and his wife Dounia, new Ziners from Munich. Johannes and Sonja joined us that week-end in Dresden, which was marvelous.

Ziner Baerbel picked us up at the train station in Stuttgart and after lunching together we visited the monastery at Maulbronn, a World Heritage site.

That same evening, after Baerbel dropped us off in Karlsruhe, we were picked up by new Ziner John Arvidsson who drove us to a nearby town for a great schnitzel dinner.

We celebrated our birthday week-end in Zurich with our old, dear Ziner friends, Cornelia and Fabio from Ticino.

As you already know, Stefano, Nicoletta and Shaila from Genoa joined us in Marseille for a wonderful day together. We are still talking about three-year-old Shaila's artistic talent - amazing!

The highlight during our visit to Aix-en-Provence, was the day we spent with Frieda Lekkerkerker, a lovely, lively, fascinating Ziner whose ability to tell a story, brought to life the legends of the three towns we visited with her - and our lunch was delicious!

And in Paris, we had the great pleasure of enjoying gtg's with Evan and Shellie Roth, Marco d'Angeli from Milano and moderators Sally McCann from Somerset, England, and Covadonga Regil, from Bilbao, Spain.

For us, the best part of traveling is meeting friends old and new and we know that you, Gail, find getting together as much fun as we do.

We are not back to work yet, but we couldn't resist responding to you.

Love, Don and Linda