Subject: Re: What's Considered a Weapon on Carry-On
Hi Chris,

I would check first with Continental. You can find their outline at: OR just go to their homepage, click on Travel Center, then Policies and then to Baggage Information.

It seems to be that there is also a federal site that has a list as well, but can't recall where that is. Maybe another Ziner can help out on this one.

I've flown three times since 9/11 and found there is not a lot of consistency in how they are administering the carry-on restrictions. But not having flown in the last few months, since the federal government has put their people in place, well I'm not sure how different it is now.

My suggestion is to not put anything in your carry-on that has a point or sharp edge. Seems to me, it's a guessing game.

Good luck and have a wonderful trip!

Debbie in NC