Subject: Re: What's Considered a Weapon on Carry-On
Hi all,

Early in the year we were collecting our visiting daughter from the airport and I happened to have my Freeform Crochet with me. As we went through the security screen it simply didn't occur to me that I had any weapons. They missed some metal knitting needles which were by accident under the lining of my leather handbag but commandeered my scissors which I have had for 30 years. When I explained that we were visiting not flying the officer agreed to mind them for me till we came back through. But they also missed several thick metal crochet hooks. I'm wondering if it's got to do with the point!! But you can't get much pointier than a pen and a metal knitting needle, so who knows??

My great pain is that we're about to fly Brisbane/Hong Kong/London and then later back across the Pacific from Vancouver. So do I fly all those hours not able to crochet?? I'm going to ask them before we finalise our luggage so I don't lose my prized tools. My little old scissors will be securely in checked-in luggage, and my wool-snipping implement will be some nail clippers with the nail-file bit already removed. That has been declared as acceptable!!!

BUT ... can anyone tell me if I'm allowed to take on a fine sewing needle for sewing on tiny beads?? Would they be worried about a tiny sewing kit about the size of a lipstick tube? The needles are housed in a little plastic tube which is also the cotton reel!

How our world has changed!

Cheers, Margot from Gold Coast Australia