Subject: Re: Anyone with info on doing Northern Italy without renting a car?

>From Florence you can take a rapido bus (Seta is name of the line and bus station is just across the road from the SMN train station) to Siena. The trip takes about one hour and is a lovely drive through the countryside of Tuscany. The bus stop in Siena is practically right in the centre of this fantastic, mediaval town. (Train station is a taxi ride away.) If you only have time for a day trip from Florance - it's do-able. If you can stay in Siena longer - that would be better. ( I mention this destination in particular because I LOVE Siena.)

A combination of buses and trains will get you almost everywhere you want to go in northern Italy .... you can take the train from Florence to Milan (nice trip) ... visit Milan. Another train, about 30 minute ride, will get you to Lake Como from Milan. It's easy enough to get to Verona through Bologna and Venice is equally as accessible. The possibilities are endless. Don't spend all your time on buses and trains tho' and covering as many miles as possible. You might prefer to stay in places long enough to explore and to have time to fully appreciate your surroundings.

I have never rented a car in Italy ... and it hasn't slowed me down at all.


Lesley Toronto, Canada