Subject: Trains in Italy
Hi all

it looks like the Milan to Venice trains will be full of Ziners in a short time! Just a few comments to some of the previous posts: while I don't travel a lot by train, I'm a big fan of it and I take it whenever possible. The best thing about trains is they take you right into the heart of the town, and that's more than true for Venice, and you can board them at the very last minute: try to do that at an airport! If I remember well, the trip Milan-Venice is under 3 hours; while I'm a supporter of advanced booking, there are so many trains on that route you can probably find a free place, especially if you travel first class. All Italian trains have no-smoking sections or coaches. The Eurostar is a reservation-only high speed train, but due to still missing hi-speed reserved tracks, the advantage is more in reduced number of stops than real speed. The Intercity is a train connecting main destinations and it has a supplement over the standard fare for other trains (called Interregionale or Locale); sometimes you don't realize there is a supplement because when you ask for a ticket for a selected train the tariff you get already includes the supplement; you can of course board an Intercity with a standard ticket and pay the difference to the ticket checker onboard. For those of you arriving at Milan Malpensa and then going to Central Station, I suggest you just look at the big departure board, choose the closest (or easier available) train and queue up at the ticket window.

Hope this helps. Bye

Paolo Trieste, Italy