Subject: Re: Money in Italy
Hello Margaret

the euro is the only accepted currency in Italy as from March 1st, 2002. All other old european currencies, i.e. lira, german marks, french francs etc have been withdrawn by central banks and aren't even listed on exchange rates anymore. I'd also vote against traveller's cheques. You pay an issuing charge plus the rate isn't usually the best. ATM and credit cards work very well nowadays; you only need small amounts of currency for buying things under 10-15 euro or to pay for some homestyle accomodations like B& B which usually doesn't accept credit cards. Check with your bank the withdrawal daily and monthly limits on your cards and work around it. If you have to exchange AUD for euros do it preferably at home, as you usually get a better rate, or avoid the private exchange office in favor of the banks, also for the same reason. Have fun

Paolo Trieste, Italy